Where passion meets artistry, empowering comic creators to thrive in an ever-evolving industry.


PRADO’S Art Studios was born from my sheer passion for COMICS and the process of creating COMICS! 

For someone born in Brazil in the 70’s, it was virtually impossible to think about working with the super-heroes I grew up reading. But their resilience and heroic spirits always inspired me, and made me endure, never giving up! 

That’s what I did..! 

Almost 30 years ago I graduated in Visual Arts and started building up my career in Comics on the then almost non-existing Brazilian Market. Eventually I was blessed with the chance to coordinate a studio that represented Brazilian artists to the American Market. That was the seed of what we are doing now.

My biggest and foremost COMMITMENT is to the represented Artists, Inkers, Colorists & Writers!

Being an artist myself gives me a privileged view of things. Being in the “trenches” with my fellow creators and gives me more than enough knowledge to know what they need to build up solid careers and lives.

These are thriving and exciting times for ART and for COMICS! I feel blessed with the opportunity to help not only the creators, but the companies as well, to whom we create ART!


Joe Prado
PRADO’S Art Studios CEO, Founder & Artist